Dr. Bernd Renger has more than 45 years industry experience in different managing positions in API Manufacturing and Pharmaceutical Industry. He started his professional career with Hoechst AG as a Research and Development Chemist.

Dr. Bernd Renger

Since then, he has held positions as Director of Quality Control and/or Quality Assurance at Mundipharma (Limburg), Byk Gulden/Altana Pharma (Singen), Baxter BioScience (Vienna) and Vetter Pharma Fertigung (Ravensburg).

He holds a degree in Organic Chemistry from the University in Giessen, Germany and is an appointed Qualified Person according to the European regulations and has acted as a Qualified Person in the EU for more than 34 years. He is an expert in Quality Systems and Quality Risk Management System design, development and implementation.